A Beginners Guide To Xero Accounting For Small Businesses

Xero accounting software is a leading cloud-based software and, here at Engage Accountancy, our experts specialise in helping you use the platform to develop your business. Find out more about the software, why it’s useful and how to get started, here:

What Is Xero Accounting?

XERO accounting software is an online accounting programme. The software contains a huge number of features that can be used to complete your basic accounting requirements, and more advanced tools that can be utilised to help your business grow.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Software

There are a huge number of benefits to using Xero accounting software in your business. One of the main advantages is the speed and automation of the software – streamlining administrative tasks and freeing up vital time for you to focus on other areas of your business. The software has a number of other advantages including: reduction of paperwork, increased productivity and a real-time overview of your organisation’s cashflow.

Using The Xero App

Xero also has the advantage of a mobile accounting app, which works on both iOS and Android devices. The app allows you to use Xero whilst on the move, giving you the features of the main software including invoices, expense approval, receipts and reconciliations. Simply download from the app store and log in using your XERO account.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with Xero is simple. Once you’ve created an accountant, you can set-up your profile. This includes filling in data like your organisation’s details, such as display name, trading name, registered address, logo, website and more. You also need to set up your bank account feeds – including PayPal accounts and credit cards. If you’re using Xero for its payroll features then you’ll need to set this up as well, making sure to add opening balances if you’re doing so during the middle of a financial year.

Once your account is setup you can begin using Xero’s features instantly. If you’ve not used cloud-based accounting software before, you can get to grips with many of the features through Xero’s easy-to-follow video guides, here. Alternatively, you can get the support of our experienced accountants who offer Xero training internally for your business.

Use Professional Cloud Accountants Today

If you’re looking to use Xero accounting software today then our experts can help! Our accountants are all fully-trained in Xero software, meaning that we can carry out our services effectively and work with your team’s software solution with ease. We offer a wide range of additional cloud software services including training and consultancy, designed to help you integrate Xero efficiently. We are also able to help you switch over from your existing accounting software, to ensure a seamless transition. Contact Engage Accountancy today via the online contact form to find out more.