How To Switch Accountants Without Impacting Your Business


Once you’ve entrusted all of your financial information and processes to an accountant, it can seem difficult to switch to a different service provider. This reluctance to move accountants can mean that businesses aren’t getting the best services available to them. But switching accountants doesn’t have to impact your business. Find out why with our top tips below:

Top Tips For Switching Your Accountant

#1 Use Automated Accounting Software

Many accountants now are trained in specialist automated accounting software that stores and updates data seamlessly. The integration of this software means that your new accountants can access all of your financial data with ease in one central hub, saving you time and resources when bringing a new company onboard. It also prevents any errors, as no data will slip through the gap during the switchover between companies.

#2 Let Your New Accountants Handle The Workload

At Engage Accountancy we can take the stress out of switching! Our chartered professionals handle every aspect of switching for you, including notifying your previous accountants of the switch. Feel assured and remove any hassle from the process by letting our consultants handle the switch for you today. We can inform your accountants of the switch by letter, and then handle all communication during the switchover process to prevent you from having to get involved.

#3 Keep Your Team In The Loop

Keeping your employees up to speed with new service providers and accounting software ensures a smooth transition and allows your new accountancy firm to use their time most effectively. If you’re implementing a new financial accounting solution, such as cloud software, then Engage Accountancy can offer training for your team, allowing your team to make the most from the new approach. Get in touch with our experts today to find out more about the accounting software solutions available and how to arrange training for your staff.

Start Your Journey With New Accountants in Bromsgrove Today

Switching accountants doesn’t have to be a hassle! With Engage Accountancy we make moving accountants a stress-free, positive process. Our experts help businesses and entrepreneurs in Bromsgrove, Birmingham and the wider area get the most from their financial accounting. To find out more about our services and how we can help you switch today, get in touch with the Engage Accountancy team. You can contact us by calling 01214394041, emailing: or filling in our contact form, here.