A Beginners Guide To KashFlow Accounting

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KashFlow is an online cloud accounting software for small businesses that is designed to save you time and effort in your daily business management by letting you access your accounts anytime, anywhere. Find out more about the software, why it’s useful and how to get started, here:

What Is KashFlow Accounting?

The KashFlow software is an online platform that simplified key business accounting tasks like bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll, VAT returns and more. KashFlow are also specialists for healthcare organisations, making them ideal for doctors surgeries, private practices and more to reduce workload and streamline operations.

The Benefits Of KashFlow:

As a software, KashFlow has many advantages for small businesses that make it an ideal choice to benefit your organisation. These include:

  • All-In-One Accounts: KashFlow condenses all its features into one central hub, making it easy to access all the features.
  • Full View Of Finances: get a granular overview of your finances that allow you to forecast and control your accounts better. The platform allows you to see what payments are owed and send automatic notifications to remind your customers about missing and late payments.
  • Faster Payment: KashFlow allows you to set up multiple payment methods on your own required payment terms. You can also insert a “pay now” button on your invoices to get paid faster.
  • Intuitive Invoicing: the KashFlow software lets you convert your own quotes to invoices and automatically send these out to clients. The invoices can be tailored with your own logo and branding.
  • Simple Reports: create tailored reports on a variety of metrics including profit & loss, stock control and self assessment.
  • Easy Adoption: you can link your bank accounts and sync with ease.

How To Get Started With KashFlow Accounting

KashFlow is easy to get started with – just by entering your phone number and email you can get a free trial to understand the benefits of the software. Once you’ve decided to invest you can sign up online, with immediate access. Initially you’ll create an account and build a profile, linking your bank accounts to the platform and putting in key assets and data such as your branding and logo to create tailored reports.

Use Trusted KashFlow Accounting Experts Today

If your team is looking to get started with KashFlow accounting software today then our experts can help! As cloud accounting experts, our team are highly-skilled in KashFlow software, meaning that we’re ideally-placed to get the most from your software and help your team implement the new system internally.

At Engage Accountancy we offer a wide range of KashFlow accounting services including training and consultancy, designed to help you integrate KashFlow in your workplace efficiently. We are also able to help you switch over from your existing accounting software, to ensure a seamless transition. Contact Engage Accountancy today via the online contact form to find out more.